Welcome to Design track mind by Melissa Gulley

I am an interior designer from Newton, MA having a lot of fun writing this blog between client appointments, kid stuff, kid school stuff, dog stuff, husband stuff, husband's company stuff (http://www.fueldog.com/), life stuff, old house stuff, family stuff, extended family stuff and the rest of the detail stuff. I am not a writer (clearly) so please ignore the typo's, spelling mistakes and desperate need for proofreading.

Testimonial: The Contractor Whisperer

Everyone has a nightmare construction or contractor story to share. I am sure my story ranks higher than most. I had the broken water pipe, failed inspections, and missing workers.....but I also had the hero story of Melissa Gulley. My interior designer extraordinaire who also proved to be a contractor whisperer. Melissa Gulley not only worked design magic, but somehow, she also helped bring the construction team to complete a tremendous kitchen suite, masterbath/suite and family room addition. Working closely with my architect, the contractor, the electrician, the plumber, the millwork professionals, the plasterers, painters, landscapers,
installers, roofers, etc., Melissa Gulley helped shape and at times, direct every aspect of this very large project.

Melissa Gulley worked closely with both my husband and I to design our family home. As a family with three boys, a cat and dog, Melissa designed our space to reflect our personalities and accommodate our active lifestyle. The process made me aware of the amount of planning and effort that is required to achieve beautiful and useful design. Melissa helped develop an appropriate light design, she helped reconfigure closet space, added molding and millwork to compliment my 1920's tutor, and created a spacious living room that seats all of my neighbors comfortably when I entertain. She also designed sumptuous silk window treatments, amazing marble backsplash, and ultrasuede double sofas that add drama and sophistication in a male dominated home. I haven't even discussed the magic she created in my large master bath.

After encountering numerous construction setbacks, it was important for me to find a designer who was sensitive to my budget requirements. My large scale project involved stone, millwork, tile, window treatments, decorative rugs, carpet, linens, art, refacing a fireplace, flooring, sconces, chandeliers, task lighting, tables, chairs, buffets, and the list goes on. Melissa Gulley guided me to splurge on special items, and worked with me to find less costly design alternatives.

One of the most striking features of my home is the bold use of color and rich textures. Prior to working with Melissa Gulley, I am certain I dreamed in color, I often used color accessories, but everything was beige or green. I am now totally affected by the deep colors and beautiful patterns Melissa Gulley introduced to my home.

I can go on and on, but most important, anyone wishing to hear more should call me or come and see for yourself. I love my home and I ould recommend Melissa Gulley to anyone involved in a small or large scale redesign project.

Rebecca S.
Chestnut Hill