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Herringbone floors

Sometimes when looking at finished room I so appreciate a patterned floor.  Now of course this can be easily accomplished by purchasing a rug.  However, I have to say a two tone geometric floor with an energetic pattern sometimes is just the verve the room is needing.  It could be installed or a carpet, but check out these rooms with herringbone floors- very classic but a little zingy and only two colors to pop everything else in the space.  These first ones are carpets- amazing how they work with more traditional and less traditional spaces alike.
herring bone floor
miles redd bedroom herringbone floor
Then of course we have the incredibly beautiful installed hardwood Herringbone floors:
CHH8fireplace herringbone floor
erin_featherston_domino pink
New York social society herringbone floor
Then finally we have the painted variety:
herringbone foyer paint
And the painted over style:
herringbone floor books


  1. Why don't we have cool floors like this? Maybe we can do some spraypainting?

  2. where did u find the pink tufted bed. im obsessed with it?