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Let’s talk Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun, of flowers, of happiness!  Also last year’s color of the year from Pantone (it’s ok to be “sooooooooooo last year”)House Beautiful Yellow liv room When we lived in our last house my kitchen walls were the best color deep yellow with a hint of red in it.  The adjoining family room was painted a great chocolate brown with chunky white molding, and that great yellow reappeared on the ceiling- very dramatic and totally fabulous (yes the ceilings were very high) This color yellow made me happy everyday just looking at it.  
In this new house (3 years we’ve been here- still new???) I decided I wanted to be void of color and actually go beige and cream- serene, tranquil, and organic, a basic neutral pallet that could change like a chameleon with different accessories whenever I was inspired.  Maybe by that time I had done dozens of houses in every color and the colors reminded me of other people’s houses and clients no matter how dear. Design-crisis yellow drapes Like when a school teacher gives birth to her first child and
can’t find a name that doesn’t belong to one of her students past and present.
What was I thinking?  I am not a beige person, I appreciate it in hotels, in other people’s houses- oh hell I have designed completely beige houses that have been so totally terrific.  But I cannot live without color- me – beige- I don’t think so.  Paul Costello yellow drapes I started itching to change the beige blank slate to a happy yellow blank slate even while my beige drapes were being installed.  Now I have another use for the beige fabric and so I’m going yellow- not just any yellow, but that deep rich yellow that’s not mustard but still a deep yellow with a tad of red.   Why couldn’t yellow be used as a neutral- well it can!  In our fashion lives denim blue is a neutral, no one goes out in all color matched denim- it just goes with anything.  So will my yellow! Check out my inspiration:
Kelly-Wearstler1-775919 yellow bedroom
veranda writing room
steven-gambrel-urban-loft2 yellow ceiling
country_living_ yellow
Farrow and Ball Yellow foyer
Jessica Clair yellow office
_kelly_wearstler living room

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  1. Love the big airy yellow curtains! Where can I get similar ones?