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Mom, no more pink!

My Daughter is turning 10 (yeah OMG!!!) and for her birthday she wanted a room redo, OK- that I can handle.  She currently has an over the top girlie pink and green room- see below:


Her room has looked like this since she was born, I’ve gotten ten great years out of this room.  When she was younger she LOVED it and certainly everyone who sees it falls in love and wants to be a little girl again for a few minutes (ok- so most of the men who see it don’t have that reaction- or maybe they do… hmmmmmmm). But at ten years old- “pink is so not cool anymore”- she is “so over it!”  My little girl who was such a girlie girl is now 10 going on 25.  She designed the new room’s color scheme as “tonal creams and whites with accents of silver”- holy shmoly who’s kid is this???  Ok- so at least she has not asked for a cave with a black light and Zeppelin posters, although maybe that's next.  She has designed a tranquil, sophisticated room with a very eclectic mix of traditional, contemporary and ethnic.  We are half done with the room and will show pictures on the blog in a week when it’s finished, as long as my husband and I can put in the extra 5 hours of work a night to get it done by then.  Stay tuned this week as I examine kid’s rooms, pink as it pertains to adults and the finale- the finished room!


  1. I also rebelled at around 10 and told my parents they had to repaint my pink room... but my original bedroom was nowhere near as fabulous as this! Can't wait to see the finished product

  2. Tonal creams are the new pink. Happy Birthday, T!!!

  3. It sounds like a very worldly view from a young lady well versed in seeing the possibilities in a room.