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Museum Room

Did you grow up in a house with a museum room?
1970 formal living room
1960 living room

Any of these rooms look familiar to you
A room that no kid was allowed to visit unattended.  A room that your parents only used when company came.
Talk about useless real estate- seriously was your house so big that you could give up an entire room to guests you want to impress???  While we’re talking useless real estate then lets mention the McMansion.  If we had any intention to continue with the Mcmansion concept then we could also perpetuate the museum room, there is more than enough room and wasted space in the run of the mill McMansion’s to leave completely unused rooms for company. I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous - the McMansion or the museum room. Are we so insecure that we save a chunk of real estate in our houses for what others think- Really?
What would company think if there was a stain on the living room sofa from years of use or wear marks on the coffee table where our feet were- Oh god, they might think we put our feet on the furniture, how low class! Seriously speaking, what would happen- would the other mom’s at school talk behind your back, get kicked out of the country club, not get that promotion at work???  In this day in age- repeat after me- USE your house- every inch of it!!!  Really use it!!!  Let the kids live like you value them being part of the family more than what your company might think, drink red wine in every room, put your feet on whatever is going to make you most comfortable. What’s the worst thing that could happen- you spill (that’s what Oxyclean is for) or you wear a piece of furniture so much that eventually it needs reupholstering or refinishing? Seriously- who the F%$k cares at least you lived fully in YOUR house that YOU worked hard to pay for. Isn’t that what working like a dog to afford this house and it’s contents is all about- living!
Coming soon – a post on how to create a formal space that doesn’t make us slaves to our possessions.


  1. Amen! When I was younger we never had a room in our house that we weren't allowed in. We had a really nice living room but we were never told we weren't allowed in it. I would go over to a friends house and their parents would yell at us if we ever went into that one "room". I never understood that. Now that I'm a little older and have a house of my own I will never have a room in my home that isn't allowed to be lived in.

  2. No kid was allowed in anyone's living room that I ever knew. Those rooms were off limits. Wasn't that what the 70s in surburbia were all about? I don't think many people live like that any more, at least not my friends, and not my clients.

  3. There was nothing we wanted to do in the living room anyway except practice the piano. I was taught not to make a mess though. My friend Ted's parents did have an off limits room. It wasn't my style but it was perfect. I know his parents entertained a lot.

    I prefer a great indestructible multi-purpose room where everybody wants to be and where everybody wants to do everything.