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I am an interior designer from Newton, MA having a lot of fun writing this blog between client appointments, kid stuff, kid school stuff, dog stuff, husband stuff, husband's company stuff (http://www.fueldog.com/), life stuff, old house stuff, family stuff, extended family stuff and the rest of the detail stuff. I am not a writer (clearly) so please ignore the typo's, spelling mistakes and desperate need for proofreading.

Grey sucks!!!

Grey as used by Mother Nature between winter and spring.  I do like grey for interior design, it’s calming, chic, sophisticated and it makes other colors pop insanely well.  Check out a post by another great blogger: http://habituallychic.blogspot.com/2010/02/mellow-yellow-and-grey.html .  But where I'm going with this, is that I am sick of grey outside.  It has rained in New England everyday for 5 days- maybe more, I stopped counting.   My basement flooded, my hair has settled into a permanently disastrous state, my dogs do not like the rain and thus will not stay out long enough to poop (yeah, guess where they go), my kids are bouncing of the walls and outside the world at large all over New England is just ugly- no matter how beautiful it is in summer.
So here are some colorful pictures that just really make me happy- enjoy!
yummy color

Debi Treloar flowers
JaneMcGarry_2 colorful din rm
(Jane McGarry)


  1. Same thing here in Seattle, AND I am a lover of color harmonies with brightness shining from muted surroundings- just like nature.

  2. Oh, how I want to decorate the facade of my home all in balloons! My nearly 5 year old daughter would be insane with joy!

  3. If you ever do it please invite me over with my kids- we'll have a party!

  4. I just wrote on my blog http://amygreving.blogspot.com/ how I love neutrals...so calming! But I also wrote about the importance of color with them. Love the fun in you designs!

  5. I give you credit for living in Newton. What an ugly town. WHY anyone pays big $$ to live there is puzzling.