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White Ceiling Beware!

Some call it the ceiling, and some the fifth wall.  Thinking about the ceiling as a fifth wall encourages you to consider it in a decorative way.  Why not?  Who else is sick of boring ceiling white?  Oh me, me, me!  This is not a new concept, Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel from 1508-1512. 
Sistine Chapel
Now that may, of course, be too much for some people to tackle.  Let’s look at a simpler variety of ceiling paint.
How stuff works- sky ceiling
My friend Carol has a deeper version of this sky in her kitchen and no one walks into that room without gasping in appreciation at the gorgeous and fun ceiling.  Yet still some may still want an even simpler approach- say a solid color.
2009 family room shot
(Melissa Gulley Style)
Above is actually a picture of the family room in my last house.  Let me tell you, the ceiling made the room so warm and fun - it changed the feeling of the room entirely.
apartmenttherapy- painted ceiling
bath with orange ceiling
(apartment therapy blog)
The above all white rooms get a huge boost of character with the red and orange ceilings.
SherrillCanet- painted ceiling
(Sherrill Canet)

Dining spaces, like the two pictures above, are a great place to play with color on the ceiling.  People are so absorbed in what’s happening at eye level while eating, that this can provide just a pop of the unexhousebeautiful2009- paited ceilingpected.  It pulls the eye up so one can appreciate the entire space.
(House Beautiful)                                                      (Inspiration for Decoration Blog)
Often people want the feeling of outdoors- a blue sky has a wonderful effect on people’s moods, so why not steal a little of that for the indoors?
Makingarrangementsblog- blue ceilingIMG_0334
(making arrangements blog)                                         (Melissa Gulley Style)
This incredible porch (below) is from the amazingly talented Amanda Nesbit.  We have all seen the aqua painted ceilings in porches - well, Mrs. Nesbit took it up a notch with this fabulous purple.  Do you know why porch ceilings were painted blue like the sky?  I didn't either, until my contractor and old house buff told me.  It was to fool the spiders into thinking it was the sky so they wouldn't settle there.  Hmmmmm, not sure spiders can even see color? 
Amanda Nisbet- painted ceiling


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